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Lent Should Change Your Life!

Mar 2, 2017

Lent is all about Conversion! Conversion simply means spiritual change from sinfulness to righteousness. Unlike the Christian urban myth that it occurs once and all “is finished”, Conversion happens whenever one rises out of sinfulness to a higher spiritual state of righteousness. Lent bonds sinful Christians to the Savior Jesus Christ in Discipleship through the conversion elements acting between GOD and the individual. Although primarily individual, the Catholic Church Community works harder than any other single time of the year to put in place the penitential, charitable, and spiritual processes. These lead, guide, and encourage the individual to run to the open arms and mercy of the Savior who first stretched out his arms for all in torture, humiliation, and death that ransomed the sinner! Lenten Conversion goes softly and reverently to the core of one’s relationship with GOD using the limitless mercy and Love of Jesus to change us for the better forever!


To be effective the season of Lent should be a period of purification and enlightenment. Since GOD’s Love has enfolded to reach as close as it can without stifling free will, it is for the individual to reach back to accept the offer of the perfect Loving relationship. First, one must ask two simple questions: (1) “What is still in my life that needs to be purified if I am going to follow Jesus as a Disciple?” and (2) “What are the real steps I need to take to conform my life with the purification I need to have new life in Jesus?” Finding out (Enlightenment) and then acting in GOD, with GOD, and through GOD (Purification) will reduce the complicated, convoluted, confusing, loneliness of life to a simple relationship of LOVE, Mercy, and belonging that will convert the soul and bring spiritual peace! The side benefits are the human relationships that will build to help fulfill your life with active belonging and membership in the Catholic community of friends.



Finally, to make the conversion complete use the three traditional pillars of Lent (Prayer, Fasting, and Alms Giving/Charity) to plant the intentional seed of sincerity that will that will grow, blossom, and bear fruit the rest of the year.  [Next: How to Build a Personal Sincere Lenten Conversion]

Posted by The Humble Disciple at 3/01/2017 04:05:00 PM


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