St. Matthew’s is a people called into community by Christ in the Eucharistic liturgy. United in our Catholic faith, we seek to love one another as Christ has loved us (Jn13:34), through service, teaching, witness and sacrifice.

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December 2, 2018 – First Sunday of Advent

The Coming of the Son of Man/Exhortation to be Vigilant Luke 21:25-28, 34-36 Jesus tells his disciples that there are signs pointing to the coming of the Son of Man. The shaking of the cosmic forces will cause those who do not believe to panic. They must stand firm and ready for God’s deliverance, much like the people of the Exodus. Prayer: There are so many signs today that might lead us to despair. May we remember to hold on to the hope in your return that you promised so long ago.

December 1, 2018 – Saturday of the Thirty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time

Exhortation to be Vigilant Luke 21:34-36 Jesus speaks again about vigilance and cautions the disciples about the traps of daily life, especially the temptation to seek relief from their anxiety in ways that will take them off course. Prayer: There are times when I allow anxiety to take over, and as a result I seek escape, not through you, Lord, but through ways that keep me from you. Help me see that escape brings a false sense of security. You are the truth.

November 30, 2018 – Feast of Saint Andrew, Apostle

The Call of the First Disciples Matthew 4:18-22 Jesus comes upon his first disciples while they are engaged in their work. He calls them, and without hesitation, preparation, or goodbyes to family, they follow. They will share in Jesus’ mission as “fishers of men.” Prayer: Make my faith strong, my hope unshakable, and my love generous and unconditional.

November 29, 2018 – Thursday of the Thirty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time

The Great Tribulation/The Coming of the Son of Man Luke 21:20-28 Jesus shifts from the dire predictions of persecution and destruction leading up to the coming of the Son of Man to the more immediate destruction of Jerusalem, a sign of the end times. He tells his disciples to stand strong, because the horrific events signify the glory of his return. Prayer: May we hold fast to the promise of your return in the face of the destructive forces of nature and the selfishness and greed of humankind.

November 28, 2018 – Wednesday of the Thirty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time

The Coming Persecution Luke 21:12-19 Jesus tells his followers that they will be handed over, some by family members. They will be tried before the leaders. These acts and their words will be an opportunity to witness to the truth. They do not have to worry about what to say. The right words will come through the working of the Spirit. Prayer: I pray for the courage always to remain faithful to you, no matter what the cost. I pray for all who suffer persecution for their love of you.

November 27, 2018 – Tuesday of the Thirty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time

The Destruction of the Temple Foretold/The Signs of the End Luke 21:5-11 In today’s gospel, Jesus is teaching in the temple for the last time. He warns of the impending destruction of the temple in the midst of war and natural disaster. All these things must take place for the end to come. He tells them not to be deceived by others claiming to be him. Prayer: The dire predictions contained in this passage ring true today. It’s hard not to be afraid, yet I hear your words of comfort and keep my eyes on you.

November 26, 2018 – Monday of the Thirty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time

The Poor Widow’s Contribution Luke 21:1-4 Jesus contrasts the contributions given by the rich and by the widow. Her resources cannot compare to those of the wealthy. But they give from their excess, while her generosity is a giving of all that she has, a true sacrifice. Prayer: I have often been humbled by the generosity of those who have little to give. Help me to be willing to give in that same way.

November 25, 2018 – Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

The Trial Before Pilate John 18:33B-37 In this dialogue between Pilate and Jesus, Pilate poses a dangerous question. Is Jesus “King of the Jews”? Jesus implies in his response that he is a king, but not of the world. His mission is truth, and only those who are committed to truth hear him. Prayer: In our world today, we long for honest leadership. Is there such a thing? You are the model of what a leader should be. We pray for the leaders of the world and of the Church. May they look to your example.

November 24, 2018 – Memorial of Saint Andrew Dung-Loc, Priest, and Companions, Martyrs

The Question About the Resurrection Luke 20:27-40 The Sadducees stand against the beliefs of the Pharisees, especially belief in the resurrection of the body. They pose an absurd case to Jesus in the hope that he will be forced to denounce the idea of resurrection. He responds by telling them that resurrection life transcends earthly life. They are satisfied with his response. Prayer: You are wise and so very patient. It is a lesson to me when faced with challenging interactions with those who do not believe.

November 24, 2018

LISTEN : "Through [Mary], as through a pure crystal, Your mercy was passed on to us. Through Her, man became pleasing to God; Through Her, streams of grace flowed down upon us." St. Faustina PONDER: When did Mary serve as a instrument for God to pass mercy on to others? How have I received the grace of God through her? RESPOND: Lord God, rain down your mercy on me.