St. Matthew’s is a people called into community by Christ in the Eucharistic liturgy. United in our Catholic faith, we seek to love one another as Christ has loved us (Jn13:34), through service, teaching, witness and sacrifice.

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November 18, 2018 – Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Coming of the Son of Man/The Lesson of the Fig Tree/The Need for Watchfulness Mark 13:24-32 Jesus tells his disciples that, just as there are signs of changing seasons, there will be signs of his coming. No matter how turbulent those signs may be, the disciples can find consolation in the sure knowledge that he will be with them. Even though no one knows when the Second Coming will happen, we must persevere and remain faithful. Prayer: No one knows me like you do. I don’t like waiting, and I especially do not like the unknown. But you are with me in my fearful state, and in that I am consoled.

November 17, 2018 – Memorial of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, Religious

The Parable of the Persistent Widow Luke 18:1-8 Jesus is offering his disciples encouragement by telling them this parable. It is found only in Luke’s Gospel and has similarities to the man waking his neighbor (11:5-8). He is telling them that while they wait for the coming of the kingdom, they must pray persistently. If the judge finally acts in response to the woman’s persistence, imagine how much more God will do. Prayer: My impatience blinds me from seeing that you have answered my prayer. When will I ever learn that you give me what I need, not necessarily what I want?

November 16, 2018 – Friday of the Thirty-second Week in Ordinary Time

The Days of the Son of Man Luke 17:26-37 Jesus continues his discourse about the coming of the Son of Man. He uses the ancient stories of Noah and Lot and the examples of two men and two women to illustrate how suddenly the Son of Man will come. He reminds his listeners that they must not hold onto their daily lives or look back. Prayer: I don’t seem to know how to let go. I am afraid I will look back longingly. I want to be able to keep my gaze on you.

November 15, 2018 – Thursday of the Thirty-second Week in Ordinary Time

The Coming of the Kingdom of God/The Day of the Son of Man Luke 17:20-25 Jesus’ response to the Pharisees’ question about the coming of the kingdom can be summed up in the idea that it is “already but not yet.” He tells them that if they do not pay attention to the present signs—his ministry—they will not be ready for the fullness of the kingdom. Prayer: Undue concern about the when and the how of anything future blurs the significance of the present. You dwell in the present, Lord. You dwell in me right now.

November 14, 2018 – Wednesday of the Thirty-second Week in Ordinary Time

The Cleansing of the Ten Lepers Luke 17:11-19 Jesus heals the lepers and sends them off to the high priest for a ritual cleansing that will restore them to the community. Only one, a Samaritan, returns to Jesus to thank him. Jesus praises his expression of gratitude and criticizes the nine who did not take the time. Prayer: I pray for a constant attitude of gratitude from the time I get up in the morning until I go to bed at night. You have done so much for me because you love me. I thank you.

November 13, 2018 – Tuesday of the Thirty-second Week in Ordinary Time

Attitude of a Servant Luke 17:7-10 Jesus is talking to his apostles about discipleship. Disciples are servants of the Lord and must be concerned about what is expected of them and not with being rewarded for their work. The faithful service of the disciple is likened to the good work of a servant. Prayer: I know what I am obliged to do, but it often easier said than done. I pray for the courage to turn that knowledge into action.

November 12, 2018 – Memorial of Saint Josaphat, Bishop and Martyr

Temptations to Sin/Sayings of Faith Luke 17:1-6 Jesus tells his disciples that it would be better to die than to cause another to sin. Indeed, it is their loving responsibility to correct those who sin. It is also necessary for them to forgive those who repent. Prayer: There are times when I feel my faith is even smaller than a mustard seed, but I remember that, because of your love for me, it will bloom and grow.

November 11, 2018 – Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Denunciation of the Scribes/The Poor Widow’s Contribution Mark 12:38-44 Jesus cares for the poor, those who are alone and disenfranchised, the widow, the orphan, the stranger. Everyone should do the same. Yet the leaders, those we expect to be caring and compassionate, behave hypocritically. Their prayers and practices are for show. Jesus uses the beautiful example of the poor widow who has far less than anyone but is willing to give all she has. Prayer: You give, you raise up, you love, and you protect. Thank you for teaching me what it means to be compassionate and what it means to depend completely on you.

November 10, 2018 – Memorial of Saint Leo the Great, Pope and Doctor of the Church

Application of the Parable/A Saying against the Pharisees Luke 16:9-15 Jesus uses money metaphorically. He is telling his disciples to be careful not to subordinate spiritual riches to material things. He encourages them to be good stewards of what they have, always mindful of those who have less. The sneers of the Pharisees reflect their worldly master. Prayer: You know my heart. You know how easily I get caught in the noise of the world that is often louder than your voice within me. Help me to hear you.

November 9, 2018 – Feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica in Rome

The cleansing of the Temple John 2:13-22 Jesus’ anger was not about the sale of animals for sacrifice but about the misuse of power. The merchants were selling the animals at inflated prices beyond the means of the worshipers. The words he spoke while driving out the merchants carried a double meaning about the physical destruction of the temple and his own death and resurrection. Prayer: In creating me in your image and likeness, you made me a temple of the Holy Spirit. Knowing you dwell within me makes me strive to be very best I can be.