St. Matthew’s is a people called into community by Christ in the Eucharistic liturgy. United in our Catholic faith, we seek to love one another as Christ has loved us (Jn13:34), through service, teaching, witness and sacrifice.

Family Faith Formation

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  1. Welcome to Family Faith Formation! (9/9/2020)


St. Matthew’s Catholic Community

Family Faith Formation Overview

Revised August 25th 2020

VISION for St. Matthew’s Faith Formation

To be Diocesan leaders in lifelong discipleship formation operating from a clear strategy with reproducible, transferable, and effective methods.

MISSION of St. Matthew’s Faith Formation

To form whole families into domestic churches that pray together, participate in the life of the Parish, disciple one another, and go out to “make disciples of all nations.”


  1. All formation programs at St. Matthew’s must serve the goal of forming intentional disciples who make other disciples,
  2. Parents are the primary and best evangelists and catechists of their children, but they must be seeking to grow as intentional disciples if they are to disciple their children,
  3. Faith Formation ministers support parents in this role by providing access to the Sacraments and opportunities to develop their faith alongside other disciples through intentional, Christ-centered relationships,
  4. Our program schedule must support meaningful differentiation, avoid creating time conflicts for the average family, and honor and support existing Hispanic ministry efforts


  1. Establish a regular and flexible formation cycle for adults, focused on the Gospel
  2. Increase the frequency with which parents have discussions about the faith at home with their children
  3. Build a sustainable community of parents who engage in shared reflection about passing on the faith with their families
  4. Improve the quality and alignment of PreK-5 classroom instruction
  5. When possible, connect families with a long-term, Ananias-trained mentor 


Step 1. Start by reviewing the “General Format for Instruction” below. Note the colors of each box. Then, go to the heading “Revised Plan (A)- Hybrid Cohort Instruction.”

Step 2. Notice that each roman numeral is color coded to coincide with a phase in the “General Format for Instruction.” This will help you identify which activities fit together. 

  1. To explore group meetings, read under the yellow-highlighted roman numerals; 
  2. For the at-home activities components, read under the green-highlighted roman numerals;
  3. For the family reflection component, read under the blue-highlighted roman numerals.


GENERAL FORMAT for Instruction



  1. All formation programs will begin in-person on September 7th, 2020 and proceed for 9 months, with the final sessions on or before May 19th, 2020.
  2. All English-language groups will meet on Wednesdays this year, while Spanish-language groups will meet on Tuesdays

REVISED PLAN (A): Hybrid Cohort Ministry

English Adult Formation

  1. Split Instruction: For English-speaking parents of children in PreK-5 Formation who are baptized or not seeking sacraments:  “The Creed 201” Adult Course
    1. In ‘20-’21, we will start by offering only the first year’s course, with the intention that this year’s adult cohort begins the second year course in ‘21-’22.
    1. Please note that all sessions can be joined digitally as well. On the weeks when your cohort is not at the Church, please join us for the parent presentation digitally from 6:30pm-7pm.
    2. Digital Option: if your family is not comfortable attending in-person or is unable to do so for health concerns, please join us for online adult formation from 6:30pm-7pm on the scheduled dates.
    1. This is the first course in a three-year adult curriculum. The first year will focus on unpacking the Gospel in the doctrines of the Nicene Creed; the second year on liturgy and prayer; and the third year on preparation for living out the missionary call of baptism in daily life.
    2. In “The Creed 201,” we’ll start with common questions about the Creed, but we'll generate questions to explore as a group about the Creed to explore together as well.
    3. Meeting times are from 1 hour per week Wednesday nights per month from 6:30pm-7:30pm at the Parish Hall
    4. To better ensure that we can have in-person meetings throughout the year,  parents will be divided into 3 cohorts, each meeting at the Parish once per month according to the following schedule (please note: families of 1st communion children will be kept in the same cohort).


Family Faith & 1st Communion

1st Wednesday


2nd Wednesday

1st Communion Cohort

3rd Wednesday

Cohort A/B

4th Wednesday



    1. Family Activity: Each enrolled family will do two at-home activities from the purple A Family of Faith vol. I book each month. Ministry leaders will recommend two specific activities that are well-aligned to the adult discussion so that parents are equipped to do them. 
      1. If you find other activities in the books you like, you are more than welcome to do them in addition to the prescribed two.
    2. Family Reflection: Using FlipGrid, families will submit a brief video reflection (no more than 3 minutes) on the two activities each month. On FlipGrid, parents will have the opportunity to see and respond to one another’s reflections on a secure platform.
      1. The video responses are intended to foster community and reflection about passing on the Faith as we share our thoughts, questions, struggle, and successes. Showing examples of work done is acceptable and encouraged; children need not appear in these video reflections.
  • A Monthly schedule-checklist will be provided to each family in advance of each month’s sessions to help you keep track of what’s happening each week and what needs to be done.

English PreK-5 Children’s Formation

  1. Split Instruction: PreK-5 children who are baptized/not yet seeking baptism will hear the Gospel proclaimed in children’s formation classes on Wednesday nights.
    1. PreK-1 and 3-5 will use activities from A Family of Faith vol. I aligned with the topics parents are covering in their courses but not identical to the two prescribed at-home activities. They will also participate in Children’s Liturgy of the Word.
    2. All children preparing for 1st Communion will use Blessed for 1st Reconciliation and 1st Communion Preparation.
    1. As per section I.D of “English Adult Formation,” children will come with their family cohort one Wednesday per month at the same time as “The Creed 201.”
    2. 1 hour per week on the first 3 Wednesday nights per month from 6:30pm-7:45pm in the Children’s Chapel beneath the Parish Hall.
  2. Family Activity: For all students, see point (II) under “English Adult Formation” above.
  3. Family Reflection: For all students, see point (III) under “English Adult Formation” above. 

Baptism for Older Children

  1. 3rd-6th children seeking Baptism should enroll in 2nd-3rd grade 1st Communion Preparation or 4th-6th grade 1st Communion Preparation, whichever fits your child’s age. Parents, please inform the ministry leader that you would like your child to be baptized so that we can work with you on an individual basis for their preparation.

(Ministerio Hispano) Formación para Adultos

  1. Grupo Luz y Esperanza y Proceso de Retiro. Los adultos inscritos en Luz y Esperanza no necesitan asistir los Miércoles por la noche, y también pueden inscribir a sus hijos en Formación de Fe o Primera Comunión los Martes por la noche.
    1. Si su hijo de PreK-5to grado no está en una clase de 1ra Comunión, puede participar en Luz y Esperanza en el grupo de niños y no es necesario que se inscriba en un grupo de miércoles.
    2. Reuniones regulares los Martes por la noche de 7 pm a 8 pm.

(Ministerio Hispano) Formación para Niños PreK-5

  1. Si usted está registrado para el Grupo Luz y Esperanza los Martes, no es necesario que se registre para una clase los Miércoles.
    1. No hay un componente en línea o en el hogar para las familias inscritas en Luz y Esperanza en este momento. No habrá clases en la iglesia para niños de PreK-5º grado en la Iglesia en este momento, a menos que su hijo se esté preparando para la Primera Comunión.
  2. También habrá una clase de 1ra Comunión los Martes por la noche para niños de 2do a 6to grado, que se reunirá en persona siguiendo el mismo horario que Luz y Esperanza . Si su hijo está registrado para el Martes, no es necesario que se registre para una clase de Miércoles.
    1. En este momento, no hay un componente en línea o en casa para los niños que se preparan para la 1ra Comunión cuyas familias están inscritas en Luz y Esperanza .

** See the next page to see what a sample week looks like for all formation ministries**

Formation Week Schedule





Adultos (Espanol)


Primera Comm.



1st Commu.








Creed 201

A Family of Faith




Luz y Esp

Familia de Fe











PLAN (B): ONLINE Ministry

Online Adult & PreK-5 Children’s Formation

  1. Parent Webinar: In the event that online instruction becomes necessary, the same content that would have been delivered in-person will be delivered via webinar using Google Meet and Peardeck on the same dates beginning at 6:30pm. However, due to the limits of the platform, small group discussions will be removed and the whole session limited to a half-hour form 6:30pm-7pm.
    1. Please note that, in the event this plan should be necessary, we will not be doing Zoom classroom meetings with children. All children’s formation would rely on the (at-home) Family Activity.
  2. Family Activity This will look virtually identical to the process described in point (II) under “Adult Formation.”
  3. Family Reflection: This will look virtually identical to the process described in point (III) under “Adult Formation.”

Online 1st Communion Preparation

  1. Blessed videos: In addition to what is described under “Adult & PreK-5 Children’s Formation” above, a candidate preparing for 1st Reconciliation & 1st Communion would be asked to watch the Blessed First Communion video series.
    1. Please note that, as above, we will not be doing Zoom classroom meetings with children. The additional Sacrament information will be delivered through the Blessed video series.
  2. Blessed workbook: Each candidate child will receive a Blessed workbook. At the end of each Blessed session, each candidate will be asked to fill-out the quiz page. We encourage parents to review the quiz page with them, if you have the chance.
  3. Children’s Reflection: Using the Seesaw app, children will take a cell-phone picture of their quiz page and submit it in an online class section.
    1. Seesaw also allows other non-video ways to share student work that we may explore to make it more engaging; in all cases, no information from the child will be shared publicly online.

SAFETY INFORMATION for In-Person Ministry

Communication, Registration, & Legal Release Waiver

Due to COVID19, there is a greater need to ensure effective lines of communication with participating families than ever before.

For this reason, we can only allow individuals who have submitted a registration form for Faith Formation to attend, whether adult, child, or youth. Your cooperation ensures that, in the event of an emergency, all concerned parties can be notified in a timely manner.

Likewise, we require that participating families complete a legal release waiver before participating in programs.

Finally, in the event of a confirmed case of COVID19 among those in our formation programs, we will follow our “Decision Tree for In-Person Ministry” for procedures. If a cohort is quarantined (as in “Tier 2” on the decision tree), the Parish is required to maintain the anonymity of the infected participant, and all cohorts will be notified that a case has been reported in our
Formation community.

It is therefore incumbent upon all participants, for the health of all community members, to monitor themselves for symptoms, to not attend classes if you are showing symptoms, to follow the safety procedures outlined below, and to report any confirmed case of COVID19 to ministry leaders. If we work together, we can care for one another as members of One Body in Christ, for “If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together.”  (1 Corinthians 12:26).  

Decision Tree for In-Person Ministry

The diagram below outlines how decisions will be made regarding the transition from “Plan A: Hybrid Cohort Ministry” to “Plan B: Online Ministry.” The Parish staff reserves the right to alter this plan if deemed necessary, but will strive to communicate changes to all concerned parties.

 Health & Safety Precautions

Guidelines Overview

  • Youth under the age of ten years old are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering indoors to the extent possible, consistent with our Parish’s liturgical practice.
  • Adults, including volunteers, are to wear face coverings indoors to the extent possible, consistent with with our Parish’s liturgical practices
  • Physical distancing in accordance with county health guidelines is to be maintained to the extent possible
  • Children are not to share learning materials Parish-provided learning materials (Bibles, posters, etc.)
  • It is encouraged that families supply learning materials to be kept at the Parish (crayons, etc.)
  • At this time, food service will be limited to pre-packaged snacks

Before and Upon Arrival at the Parish

  • Children, adults, or volunteers who are showing any symptom of COVID19 should not attend programs.
  • Participants and volunteers will have their temperatures checked upon arrival, and this information will be recorded by Parish staff.
  • Children will clean their hands with hand sanitizer before entering the classroom.
  • If a child begins to show symptoms of COVID19 during the program, their temperature will be immediately re-checked at the check-in desk. If the temperature reading suggests a possible infection, the child will be isolated from the group and parents will be contacted to come pick-up their child.

During Sessions

  • Children older than age 3 must wear face coverings to the extent possible
  • Space between students is to be maintained to the extent possible; various activities that require closer proximity should be shortened
  • Students and teachers should wash hands or use hand sanitizer every time they enter the classroom
  • Students must not share learning supplies like pencils, pens, crayons, and other similar items
  • Teachers may circulate through the classroom, but should avoid long-term close contact with students

Pick-up and post-session

  • At the end of each session, teachers should collect individual student supplies into their respective class buckets.
  • Parents must enter and remain in the Parish facility to pick-up their child. Parents will NOT be permitted to come back to the classroom, except in extraordinary circumstances
  • Volunteers will have additional cleaning duties to follow each session (to be determined)
  • Cleaning staff will take additional precautions to ensure the room is adequately cleaned for the following day


William Heili, Director of Evangelization and Catechesis

W: (307) 682-3319, ext. 112

Email: [email protected]


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