St. Matthew’s is a people called into community by Christ in the Eucharistic liturgy. United in our Catholic faith, we seek to love one another as Christ has loved us (Jn13:34), through service, teaching, witness and sacrifice.


How to Cope

You may be experiencing heightened emotions, stronger feelings of stress, sadness, loneliness, anger, frustration or anxiety. 

One of the main reasons this is happening is you're probably cut from your healthy coping mechanisms. A familiar routine, time with friends, and working out (including sports & PE) all play a factor in mood management and your coping skills. Since all of these have been disrupted, it's more important than ever to seek out healthy coping mechanisms. Here are Theresa's tips for staying sane & healthy:
-MOVE. Get a minimum 15 minutes a day of great movement in. This can be a brisk walk, but even better if you can fit in some cardio. There are an endless number of fitness videos on youtube to meet your style if running is not for you
-LAUGH. Laugh a lot. Watch funny videos and TV, look up "dad jokes," do a dumb dance with your siblings. Laughter is good for the soul.
-PRAY. It's easier than ever to build an incredible relationship with God. It is also easier than ever to let your entire spirituality, faith and prayer life slip completely away. Make 10+ minutes a day non-negotiable time with God. Read & reflect on a short scripture, then talk to him and listen. Ask him to bless your day, tell him what's bothering you and ask him to free you from it.
-GET CREATIVE. Spend time 6 feet away from your friends walking in a park or going Frisbee golfing (double points-counts for your exercise too!) Also, get creative and try something new. Paint, write poetry, create!
-EAT HEALTHY. This may seem impossible when we are cooped up at home, but it is critical. How we eat impacts our mood, our health, our sleep, and so much more. Eating too much junk and not enough good stuff can destroy the fabric of your day to day and lead to insomnia, depression, and increased anxiety. Trust me, drink water, eat a little less junk, and eat a dang's worth it!
Stay healthy, stay sane, & guard your spiritual health!
Love and peace to you all!